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do as the romans do.

ellington sneak

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work? no. today's gonna be a holiday.
Anna. Australia. Filipino, Greek and English descent. Extremely clutzy. Terrible perfectionist. Budding graphic designer. Shower singer. Passionate about the environment. Animal lover. Sweet tooth. Studying student. Stubborn or determined? Leftie. Bookworm. Cereal addict. Loves laughter. Button hoarder. Dog person. Messy. Olive skinned. Hopelessly idealistic. Usually has headphones in. Flips to the TV section of the newspaper. Procrastinator. Romantic.

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Chai lattes. Going your own way. Ice Cream. Audrey Hepburn. Tina Fey. Alec Baldwin. David Tennant. 30 Rock. Gregory Peck. Humphrey Bogart, James Dean and any other legendary male actors. John Mayer. Sharpie textas. Hugh Laurie. Old movies. Harry Potter. Flight of the Conchords. Doctor Who. Coldplay. Jane Austen. Vogue. Casablanca. To Kill A Mockingbird. Grace Kelly. Chicken, not beef. Queen. Brit comedy. Nutella. Greek cooking. Musicals. Languages. Fashion. Culture. The Oscars. Colour. Individuality. Tolerance. Creativity. Spring. Accents. Pop Art. Arrested Development.

30 Rock (jack/liz). Doctor Who (rose/ten). How I Met Your Mother. Flight of the Conchords. Arrested Development. NCIS (tony/ziva). The Office (US). The Office (UK) (tim/dawn). Scrubs. Gossip Girl (oh shush!). House.

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